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What's Air.o ?

Air.o is a hypollergenic soft flooring, it has a premium soft cushion it doesnt absorbs any moisture, helps prevent the growth or spread of allergies such as mold mildew and dust mites. 

Its is a easy clean carpet because of its unique construction, Air,o has better airflow releasing dust and dirt and dander more easily when vacuumed. 

It is  VOC's, odor and is latex free ensuring there is no "new carpet" smell when installed. 

Air.o is also 100% recyclable which is better for your homes and our planet 

colors varies more options are at our local showroom

Metroflors Plank

Express Plank in is a popular choice on business and tech sites. It's also a good font for creating page titles with impact.

  • SIZE: 6" x 36"

  • WIDTH: 6"

  • COLLECTION: Express Plank Tile Flooring

  • THICKNESS: .080"/2.0 mm

  • INSTALL TYPE: Glue Down

  • PROFILE: Square Edges

  • WEARLAYER: 12 mil

  • TYPE: Vinyl Plank & Tile

  • SQ. FT. / BOX: 36

  • LIFESTYLE: Pets, Kids, High Traffic

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